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Memorial Story:
Eric Dickson Keefe was born May 1st, 2008 at the Rosebud Hospital. To help enter him into the world were his Uncle Donnie and Aunt Alicia. With great delight uncle Donnie embraced his new nephew. Eric being the third child of Mary Aurelia was received with great expectation and joy by sister, Sarah Serena, and brother, Garrett Arlen. No minute sibling rivalry was ever

present – only deep sincere love and protection was evident in their hearts and minds. Besides Eric’s family at home there were quite a few others interested in his arrival; a host of relatives, all the friends and neighbors far and wide, and caring co-workers of mother. Eric was a special baby – right from the start!
Sarah was so thrilled that she was insistent that her, “Show-and-tell” for the 2nd grade class of the Wood School be her brother. Once brother, Eric, arrived at school Sarah issued a litany of jubilations that she had experienced on behalf of the little one. She also wanted all of the other children to get acquainted with the new blessing. They were very kind and sincerely greeted Eric.

Sarah wished to engender the many interests that she has into her new brother. Of course knowing Sarah… they are not the usual interests most little girls know - as hers interests include: turtles, frogs, snakes, gymnastics, fashion, astronomy, and a plethora of the gifts of nature. Sarah surely impressed Eric by reading stories to him that she personally wrote and illustrated.

Each and every morning Garrett would wake up and come running out insistent on seeing his “Cutiefrom Heaven”. Garrett was present when his mother had a CVS done. During this procedure Eric, at 11 weeks, waved his little hand to his brother. Garrett could see this on the monitor and was especially impressed. So much so that he indicated – See! He does know me! Garrett wanted to instill into his brother what it meant to be a “Great Leprechaun Hunter”, for Leprechauns are always searching for the gold at the end of the rainbow. (Imagination is a great thing – faith an even greater.)

Many great plans for the future were made for this little one – Disney World, hiking, camping, falconry, and saving dogs.

In the early hours of pre-dawn of June 14th, 2008 Eric’s mother rushed him to Indian Health Service in Rosebud, SD. And on the way the radio tuned in Louie Armstrong’s “Wonderful World”. Turning the volume up Mary Aurelia turned to her son, Eric, and said, “Listen to this, Eric, for this is what our lives have truly been, since you have been here .You punctuate who we are.” The rest of the ride was done so in virtual silence.

Grandfather KiKi called for Father Witt, S.J. come to baptize and to give the last rites to Eric. After which, his siblings came to his side to pray with him one last time. For six weeks Sarah and Garrett loved this blessed soul an entire lifetime. While Eric ascended his mother prayed the same prayer once again to the Blessed Virgin. Her prayers were answered. He has a plan. Sometimes we do not always get our prayers answered like we would like them…but they are answered.
Family friend and Roman Catholic Deacon Marlon Leneaugh gave a beautiful sermon at Eric’s funeral mass. His godmother, Jody Callaway, eulogized his continued life. Joyce Colombe offered a tender poem. Sharon Bryan inspired a choir of angles, while Kay Piper issued from the depths of her being the most beautiful sounds. On June 19, 2008 Donnie Boyd, Albert Joseph, Dr. Thomas Keefe, and Steve Peters helped to lay Eric to eternal rest the Evergreen Cemetery in Wood, SD.

Memorial Story Share:
Kenneth Sean Polley, age 19, of Eastwood Road, Danbury, died at his home on Monday, March 24th. He was born in Danbury on March 28, 1988, cherished son of Kenneth S. and Sandra A. (Santonocito) Polley of Danbury.

Ken was an amazing son who excelled at anything he put his mind to. Ambitious and loving, Ken had a great sense of humor, was trusting and always sincere. He loved trains and in his younger years was the ultimate Lego enthusiast. His Lego world design even appeared in the Lego catalogue. Ken studied martial arts and was an avid coin collector. He was an excellent student and a master mathematician; he had the highest math score at the 11th grade level while he was still in the 8th grade. Handsome and intelligent, Ken had an adventurous spirit and dreamed of traveling the world. He was wonderfully artistic and loved music. Kens brother Michael remembers him as an amazing brother with the biggest heart in the world.
Life is not measured by its length but more by its meaning, and Ken’s life had incredible meaning and meant so much to so many. Ken was a blessing to his family and will continue to be a blessing to us all forever.

Angel Monument in Factory, unfinished...

Birth: Feb. 16, 1982 ----- Death: Jun. 4, 2008
Gum Grove Baptist Church Cemetery
Brookhaven , Lincoln County
Mississippi, USA 


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We will be forever grateful to you and pleased with our purchase. We have also gained a very special friend.

Thank you so much,Chuck.
to say thank you for the wonderful Angel memorial in white granite. It came on time in the arranged time slot and the finish was of a very high standard. I am very happy with the product, it was worth the wait!
Thank you Salina !
Lisa Gotch
y and I were very pleased with my mother''s monument. Everyone who has seen it has commented on how beautiful it is.

I especially appreciate Salina Lee''s patience with me. I know she worked hard to help create exactly what I wanted. And, the finished monument is the perfect remembrance, and tribute to my mother.

Thank you all for the very important work that you do.

With sincere gratitude,

Lisa Gotch

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MG0595 Shanxi black Top Grade
Angel: 24 * 30 * 22 inch
Base: 24 * 24 * 18 inch
Ceramic Portrait:

Weight : 1181.05 kg

Letters & Inscription Layout Design Order Photos In Factory Cemetery Photos

Memorial Story Share:
Kenneth Sean Polley, age 19, of Eastwood Road, Danbury, died at his home on Monday, March 24th. He was born in Danbury on March 28, 1988, cherished son of Kenneth S. and Sandra A. (Santonocito) Polley of Danbury.

Ken was an amazing son who excelled at anything he put his mind to. Ambitious and loving, Ken had a great sense of humor, was trusting and always sincere. He loved trains and in his younger years was the ultimate Lego enthusiast. His Lego world design even appeared in the Lego catalogue. Ken studied martial arts and was an avid coin collector. He was an excellent student and a master mathematician; he had the highest math score at the 11th grade level while he was still in the 8th grade. Handsome and intelligent, Ken had an adventurous spirit and dreamed of traveling the world. He was wonderfully artistic and loved music. Kens brother Michael remembers him as an amazing brother with the biggest heart in the world.
Life is not measured by its length but more by its meaning, and Ken’s life had incredible meaning and meant so much to so many. Ken was a blessing to his family and will continue to be a blessing to us all forever.

Weight : 1232.97 kg

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Lynn –Billie Fran Brannon, 57, died Tuesday, October 28, 2008 at St. Bernards Medical Center. 
She was born October 25, 1951 in Manila to the late Billy and Lockie Cornish. She was a homemaker, an artist and musician. Her hobbies were painting and woodburning.

Weight : 828.29 kg

mg0595 I wanted to say that this company cares about your needs, and really accomodates you so that your monument, expresses the sentiment,and heartfelt, monument your loved one deserves, Salina Lee was wonderful, through MANY emails, and plans, she saw to it personally, that my mother's moument was perfect, it really is a work of art, the craftsmanship, and quality, are truly appreciated. My mother would have loved it. All the way from China to Arkansas, it arrived safely, and sits with my mother like an angel in waiting. I wanted to express my gratitude to Salina and the artists,who crafted it for me, my relatives and I have visited her grave many times, and it makes it a little easier now to visit it, almost as if she is there waiting with her. The weeping angel monument was personal for me in the fact that my mother sat like that through out many memories in my mind. Salina, made the details of arrival, stress free for me, and truly am grateful for that, Many thanks to Offerstone, and their team for making this difficult choice and time a little easier to bare...Again many thanks, and Best Wishes, Holly Evans Pocahontas Arkansas

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MG0595 Light pink ( An economical granite )
Angel:24 * 30 * 20 inch
Base:20 * 20 * 20 inch
Ceramic Portrait:Vertical Oval Shape

Weight : 1009.45 kg

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Customer Not Authorized !
This genuine headstone is very unique in shape and detail an eye catcher.

Weight : 1261.81 kg

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