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Q: What is the legal and business status of
A: belongs to OFFERSTONE INC. It was established in 1989 and has been producing a wide variety of monuments, statues and other stone products ever since. We have earned a solid reputation for the excellent quality of our products, as well as our superior service.
Q: Is there a warranty for the monuments I order?
A: We will sign an invoice contract with you when you place your order. According to this invoice contract, you may claim compensation against us for any discrepancy in quality or finish of the final product. Furthermore, you are entitled to compensation for any damage during shipping based on the insurance we purchase on your behalf.
Q: Who will be in charge of my order?
A: Our sales representatives and customer service department will help you complete your order. Please feel free to contact us.
Q: Will I pay any additional costs when I place my order?
A: No hidden fees, we guarantee it!
Q: Will my monument be made to fit my cemetery size regulations?
A: Yes, the sizes we offer are standard and will fit most cemetery plots. If your cemetery has special requirements, we can make changes to accommodate them. Please confirm your cemetery’s size requirements BEFORE ordering. Offerstone will help you verify those cemetery rules upon your purchase. This is a free service.
Q: Why does my cemetery make me feel like I can only buy from them?
A: Cemeteries are in business to make a profit and when they lose potential customers, they make less money. It is not uncommon for a cemetery to use high-pressure tactics to dissuade a customer from purchasing from an outside dealer.
Q: Can I have the engraved letters made in color?
A: Yes, we can paint the letters. However, please note that the letters will fade over time.
Q: Can you help me to complete the application form from the cemetery?
A: We are pleased to assist you with this, as we wish to ensure that your headstone will be accepted by the cemetery. This is a free service.
Q: Will the cemetery accept a headstone purchased from Offerstone?
A: Yes, as long as the headstone meets their requirements they are legally required to accept it. It is your choice to purchase a headstone from wherever you like. If you are experiencing a problem with the cemetery you can always file a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission.
Q: Can the cemetery charge me an installation fee if I purchase from Offerstone?
A: The truth is that if they charge an installation fee for a headstone purchased from an outside source, they must also charge if the headstone is purchased from them. You should not be penalized for purchasing from another dealer. If you are experiencing a problem with the cemetery you can always file a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission. (Please check and see if installation was included with the purchase of your gravesite, as it is often included.)
Q: Will I get a sketch of the headstone I purchase before you start the stone work?
A: Yes, we will email you a layout detailing the design, lettering and personalization of the memorial.
Q: Can the designs be altered in any way?
A: Yes, we offer a free design service to help you customize the monument to your specific requirements.
Q: Can I add a picture to a headstone I order from Offerstone?
A: Yes, We offer one free ceramic portrait in the standard size of 3.5” x 4.7”. However, for upright & slant or flat markers, a ceramic portrait will incur an additional charge of $100.00.
Q: If I pre-purchase a headstone for myself, who will take care of adding my date of death at a later time?
A: If you have purchased a grave headstone in advance and are concerned about the addition of the death date, it is recommended you instruct a family member or friend to do the following: If it is a sandblasted granite headstone you should instruct them to contract with a local monument dealer or the cemetery to add the date of death to the headstone.
Q: Who installs the headstone at the cemetery?
A: In most cases the cemetery will offer the installation service for a fee. If the headstone is going to a rural cemetery or one which does not offer this service, then a headstone/monument installer from OFFERSTONE in your area can install it. Please check and see if installation was included with the purchase of your gravesite, as it is often included.
Q: Can I install the grave headstone myself, and if so, how?
A: We recommend having the headstone installed by an experienced headstone/monument installer or the cemetery, if possible. Please check and see if installation was included with the purchase of your gravesite, as it is often included.
Q: Where and when will my headstone be delivered?
A: In most cases we will ship to the cemetery unless otherwise specified by you. From the time the completed order is placed, it will take approximately four to eight (4-8) weeks to deliver an angel headstone to its destination. Custom headstones may take additional time depending on the amount of customization.
Q: Can I order a headstone and have it shipped to a different state?
A: Yes, many of our customers use us for this very reason. Our ability to deliver to any of the lower 48 states gives our customers the flexibility of ordering from any one state and having it delivered to a different state.
Q: What are my options with regards to shipping the headstone?
A: You can have the headstone shipped to the cemetery or a business address, provided we can have the business owner/manager sign an acceptance of delivery form.
Q: Can you provide a quote for a custom headstone?
A: Yes, we can. Please provide us with details of size and stone color and we will provide you with a quotation. If you do not know which size you desire, we can design standard sizes for your reference.
Q: What do I need to know before ordering a headstone?
A: The first and most important thing to know is what type of headstone can be placed in the cemetery. Most cemeteries have restrictions regulating the type of headstone. Offerstone can help you verify those cemetery rules. This is a free service.

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