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Myth Novel


The Memory Keepers

       Every life is special, and every life has a story to tell. The memories of our loved ones hold many things that need to be shared, so they can live in posterity. Our Offerstone professional writers can recount the stories of your loved one, in the form of a novel (Free service), or biography.
       This novel is a work of fiction, and Jack, Maharet, Nyima, and the Memory Keepers are all fictional characters. But the memories they're working to preserve are real. The people whose memories are shared in this novel are real people who lived, and loved, and died.

       Jack, is part of a family that works to protect the memories of the dead. The dead's memories are ghosts of events that haunt the places where they happened. These memories must be guarded, because if the dead's memories aren't protected, dark creatures from the void of Uncreation can come in and destroy them. Jack and his friends must save the memories of the people in the memorial stories, while fending off a former friend of his who's been Uncreated.
       All of these people were memorialized by Offerstone, a company that's provided quality monuments, headstones, and statues since 1989. If you'd like to see their memorial stories, or learn more about Offerstone, you can visit the website at

(Our Offerstone Writer is currently writing on this Novel, coming soon... ... This is a Free service for our customers,  Not any extra charges for All persons and stories mentioned in this book. )


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